After a long hiatus- due to being too busy, and also getting hacked… the site is back. I read over my last couple posts and unfortunately, I didn’t meet my goals I had listed on my new year post. I was doing well for a little while on the meditation front, then it fell apart when we went on vacation in February. I’m lucky if I make time for 2 sessions a week now much less 4. I haven’t deadlifted in a couple weeks and the highest I had done up to that point was 250 lbs, so did eventually get to my March goal, but still slowly working on June goal, oops. And obviously, I have not been posting 2 times a month… man, I failed on all 3 goals.

Well, no one’s perfect. Hope you all did a little better with your goals than I did. I will try and get back on working towards those goals. Here’s my first post this month. I hope to have a guest poster soon too. I wonder if I should count that as my second post. 😛

Super quick recap of the year. We went to Uruguay in Feb, got a bee hive in April, have been busy with both jobs, mountain biking when I get a chance and working in the garden. Tomatoes are coming in strong now, pole beans are finishing up, spinach, kale and collards are done. Melons, sweet potatoes and butternut square are growing quickly. Okra is starting to take off. Our chickens are putting out eggs most days and we have been fighting the Japanese beetle  swarms. That’s all for now. Thanks to a long time friend for helping me get unhacked and back up on the internet.